Mocha Cake

( 4.64 )
A tasty combination of the finest coffee with premium chocolates mixed in perfect proportions, this cake has an extraordinary aroma and taste.

100% Eggless

Product Description:

  • Cake Flavour: Coffee and chocolate
  • Type of Cake: Cream
  • Sponge :Chocolate
  • Toppings: Choco sprinkles

Health Benefits:
A good amount of coffee they say is good for the brain and heart. They are said to lower risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s etc.

lalit  (13-04-2019)

amazing cake

Meenu Randhawa  (13-04-2019)

THIS REVIEW IS LONG OVERDUE .Outstanding cakes! Their cakes are the best around.. I've been ordering from Crust n Cake for a couple of years and they are always absolutely delicious. My family loves the Mocha and fresh fruit flavors and the customer se

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